Grill-Ring BBQ Ahome (100x100cm)

Grill-Ring BBQ Ahome (100x100cm)

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GardenMaxX Grill-Ring BBQ – Ahome 100 Corten
Grilling reinvented!

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 93 cm
Cooking plate: Square, 100 cm


Firebowl and structure: Corten steel
Cooking plate: 8 mm steel

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GardenMaxX Ahome 100 Corten

The woodfired Ahome grill ring is the latest in outdoor cooking design. The grill ring design incorporates a thick steel cooking surface with an opening in the middle allowing the fire to burn efficiently. By positioning the wood and thus the fire, you can create zones of differing temperatures on the cooking surface to fit your needs. Fish and vegetables on the cooler areas, and your red meats and sausages on the hotter zones.

The removable ashtray at the bottom of the grill makes cleaning the unit very straight forward. You’ll be ready for the next grill party in no time!

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