Welcome to the world of GardenMaxX, the leading outdoor fireplaces and garden decorations designer. This website is created to familiarize you with our products, and express our beliefs as to why GardenMaxX products are enjoyed around the globe. You can find our contemporary products in gardens around the world; from the Netherlands through Europe to North America, Australia, and even New Zealand!

GardenMaxX, established in 1999, is a Dutch Design Company with a passion for fire and art, and has become a world leader in designing luxury outdoor fireplaces, grills and garden decorations.

The GardenMaxX product line, distinguished by elegance, durability, and craftsmanship, is produced from sustainable sources by select manufacturing partners globally.

Traveling around the world brings us every year a wealth of new ideas, allowing us to launch new unique products with passion and vision, and resulting in a compelling combination of contemporary design, superb quality and a price/value ratio that we believe is unparalleled in the world-wide marketplace.